Projekte & Installationen [Auswahl]

Water Music (2000) for Piano solo and Sea Port

Explanation [Version1]

The Grand Piano hangs suspended above water level from a harbour crane (or similar)
The instrument may remain in this position for an uncertain period of time , to be viewed, to stimulate speculation. There are a number of special microphones and a camera installed in- and outside the soundbox of the instrument; the sustain pedal is fixed depressed.

a] At a fixed point of time the piano is dropped from a certain height into the floods of the harbour

b]The initial impact of the piano hitting the surface should get the (especially) lower string section to respond in a veritable piano - sound; a triad ... a cluster ... any sound really

c] The piano will now commence its meandering, spinning journey to the ground of the sea harbour. On its way down the microphnoes and the camera are recording, and transmitting onto shore, any ever so minute sound and visual event

d] Eventually the Grand Piano hits the ground with a more or less sudden thud and with a - hopefully- final musical response

The audio - video recordings of stages a, b, c, d are to be presented on screen or monitor to an audience ashore (by means of repetitive clips perhaps)



Explanation [Version2]

There is an alternative approach to the project; less entertaining, less spectacular... more straight, more pure in its outlook. This way of presentation reduces Water Music to merely:

a] The spectacle of fixing the piano to the harbour crane

b] The anticipation, the expectation

c] The bruitistic, but none the less poetic act of dropping the Piano into the harbour; all further traces being barred by the engulfing element water.

This project was conceived for the World Music Days Kobe 2000